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Info for Parents & Guardians

Active School Flag


 Our Active School Flag was achieved in 2013 and we are currently working hard to achieve our second flag. 

Administration of Medicines

medicine iconSchool staff will not generally administer any medication.  In cases where a child is prescribed medication by a Doctor and needs to take this during school, parents will be asked to sign an indemnity form before any medication can be taken in the school.

Associated with National Parents' Council

Associated with National Parents' Council

Books and Other School Equipment

crayons education 72ppiStudents should bring in their own copybooks, pencils, etc and take care of them.  The school supplies readers and other books and operates a lending scheme whereby readers are lent and then passed on to other students.  The Board asks for a voluntary contribution each September to help meet these costs.



New Court has a very strict” No tolerance to Bullying” policy. Bullying as an issue is explored regularly to ensure that students recognise it in all its forms; Physical, emotional, verbal, cyber and isolation. It is emphasised to students, that even if they are not directly involved, it is always important to tell someone about it. This could be parents, staff or friends.The school has a “ Bullying Committee” which investigates incidents and takes action if needed. Parents are informed of serious incidents. 

It has always been our ethos to encourage, care and support each other in classes and the school as a whole. The latest studies on bullying recommend that schools or organisations  see it as the responsibility of the whole group to ensure that their area is bully free. It is our hope that by raising the topic openly and regularly, it will be detected and dealt with quickly.

Our Student Representative Council support the work of the Board of Management and staff in relation to bullying. We have regular events to highlight the issue and keep the topic alive and relevant for the student population.We welcome any idea or input in this area and strive to maintain a safe and happy environment for our New Court Community.

If you would like more information on bullying,internet safety etc. the following are links that you might find helpful:   Webwise.ie (Internet advice for parents and teachers)  bully4u.iePacer.org and do2learn (resources for individiuals with special needs) .

Code of Behaviour on Buses


In the interest of child safety, we have a Code of Behaviour on the school buses. 


Coffee Morning

We have regular coffee mornings during the year and the students always have something tasty baked for us. We have guest speakers on a regular basis or if a parent wants something discussed they can contact the office or we can just get together for a cuppa and a chat. 


New parents are always very welcome as we have all been in the same position and knowing there is support there for you is half the battle.


It is lovely to meet the parents, carers and friends on a regular basis and your child's classroom can be visited to see how they are doing and it means so much to them.




right wayGood discipline is very important and parent cooperation is an essential part in maintaining good relationships within the school.  We encourage students to have tolerance and understanding for others and to have respect for themselves, for others and for property. 


Dress Code

Children are expected to dress in a suitable way for a day at school.  Flat shoes should be worn during the day and runners must be worn for P.E. lessons.  A warm outdoor coat is necessary as classes go outside at playtime.  Due to health and safety rules jewellery such as large hoop earrings are not allowed in school; also all facial ornamentation is forbidden.

Health & Safety

sickNew Court School aims to ensure a healthy and safe environment.  If a child is unwell, he/she is advised to stay at home.  


Healthy Lunches

lunchWe encourage healthy eating in school, as it is necessary for the growth and development of the student.  It also supports learning and is good training for life.  Sharing of food is not allowed.  Fizzy drinks & chewing gum are banned.


Homework Policy

cartoon owl sitting on a bookAt New Court we believe homework provides an important opportunity to:



Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Each child has his/her own IEP drawn up by teachers and other professionals involved with the child and each child’s parents/guardians.  This is specially tailored to the child’s particular needs.

Mobile Phones

cartoon mobile phoneMobile phones are not allowed in school.  If parents/guardians wish their child to have a mobile phone for after school, then these should be kept out of sight and switched off or handed to the class teacher at the start of the day.

Parents and Friends Association

Our Parents & Friends group offers an opportunity for parents to meet and share their experiences and concerns together.

Originally the Parents & Friends Group of New Court School was set up to support fundraising when the school had large debts and unsuitable accommodation. Over the years many parents have been involved and supported  the school during it’s different phases of growth and development.


Personal Belongings

Pupils are asked not to bring to school personal belongings of any value or sentiment. If they choose to bring in valuables these items should be clearly labelled. Our school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.