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New Court has a very strict” No tolerance to Bullying” policy. Bullying as an issue is explored regularly to ensure that students recognise it in all its forms; Physical, emotional, verbal, cyber and isolation. It is emphasised to students, that even if they are not directly involved, it is always important to tell someone about it. This could be parents, staff or friends.The school has a “ Bullying Committee” which investigates incidents and takes action if needed. Parents are informed of serious incidents. 

It has always been our ethos to encourage, care and support each other in classes and the school as a whole. The latest studies on bullying recommend that schools or organisations  see it as the responsibility of the whole group to ensure that their area is bully free. It is our hope that by raising the topic openly and regularly, it will be detected and dealt with quickly.

Our Student Representative Council support the work of the Board of Management and staff in relation to bullying. We have regular events to highlight the issue and keep the topic alive and relevant for the student population.We welcome any idea or input in this area and strive to maintain a safe and happy environment for our New Court Community.

If you would like more information on bullying,internet safety etc. the following are links that you might find helpful:   Webwise.ie (Internet advice for parents and teachers)  bully4u.iePacer.org and do2learn (resources for individiuals with special needs) .