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Info for Parents & Guardians

Policy for School Outings

Should your child partake in a school outing, we will need parental consent.  We will need to know of any special requirements such as dietary or other needs.  A note will be sent home to inform you about the outing, which may require your child to bring lunch and money for transport costs.  You should contact the school for further details or if there is any reason why your child shouldn’t partake in the outing.

School Attendance

In order for children to make progress, regular attendance is vitally important.  Under legislation, we are obliged to report all absences of 20 days or more to the Education Welfare Officer.  Please also refer to our Attendance Policy for further information.

School Ethos

New Court School is a Christian school, which welcomes students of all faiths and none. We believe that a student’s spiritual development is important and we follow a Christian ethos.  Religious Education takes place in all classes. Preparation for Communion and Confirmation is offered in the school.Christian[1]

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Our school has an active Student Representative Council (SRC) which meets once a month. The student representatives -elected by their classmates - meet with our SRC co-ordinating teacher.  At these meetings the representatives bring their fellow students' ideas and concerns to the Council for discussion. In January 2015 the SRC started a Student Savings Club.