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Aims of the School

DSCF1672 (Medium)New Court School aims to accommodate the diversity of children's individual holistic educational needs.

  • To provide an enviroment that is homely, caring, safe and familiar where individual needs are recognised and dealt with fairly.
  • To foster in each child a respect for the environment and for the needs and abilities of others.
  • To foster mutual respect between staff and children.
  • To encourage the children to work to the best of their ability so that they grow into mature and moral young people.
  • To develop sympathetically all aspects of the child's mental, physical, moral and aesthetic  abilities so that they can achieve their maximum potential.
  • To apply methods and content to which children can relate and understand.
  • To encourage good communication skills so that the children can grow in confidence and self-reliance.
  • To foster and encourage individual talents and skills.
  • To foster an ability to cooperate and work with others in groups. 
  • To promote a true knowledge of self-worth and self confidence in each child.
  • To foster and promote integrated activities and close links with other schools in order to facilitate social inclusion.