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Junior Certificate / J.C.S.P. (Junior Certificate Schools Programme)

Maths-degreeJunior Certificate

The Junior Certificate is offered in 6 subjects in our school:  Maths, English, Home Economics, Art, C.S.P.E. and Woodwork. It is usually completed by the students when they are approximately sixteen years old.

The number of subjects selected and completed by students is discussed between parents, teachers and the students involved in order that the programme best meets the students’ needs.


The Junior Certificate School Programme (J.C.S.P.)

The J.C.S.P. is run in conjunction with the Junior Cert. Each subject offered at Junior Cert. Level is broken down into statements and the students complete as many statements as possible in the 3-4 years before doing their Junior Cert. As the programme is offered over a long period, students complete a large number of statements in a wide range of subjects. The programme also offers funding for initiatives in extracurricular activities and for promoting literacy and numeracy. In school we have run very successful initiatives in Art, Music, Science and Rock climbing. The Word Millionaire Reading Challenge is an initiative where groups of students are challenged to read a million words in a certain period of time.

You can read more about the J.C.S.P. on the Department's website here http://jcsp.slss.ie