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Attendance Policy

The National Educational Welfare Board was set up under the Education Welfare Act 2000. This Act provides a comprehensive framework for promoting regular school attendance and tackling the problem of absence or early school leaving. Under the Act every child must attend school regularly up to the age of sixteen years of age and parents/guardians must let the school know if their child is absent and why.

Every school must notify the National Educational Welfare Board if it is concerned about a child's attendance and the school is required by law to keep records of all absences and make them available to the Education Welfare Officer on request.

To comply with legislation the name of any pupil who has been absent for a total of twenty or more days must be sent by the school to the above authority.

  • It is the responsibility of every parent/guardian to make sure tht their child attends school each day. 
  • Parents will be informed of legal requirements in this regard at the beginning of each school year.
  • Poor attendance leads to pupils making very little progress in school.
  • It can lead to pupils becoming frustrated when they do attend because they have fallen behind.

Our school recognises that pupils will be unavoidably absent from school. However, parents/guardians must give an explanation.

Notes from Parents/Guardians

  • The school should be informed of the reason for any pupil absence in writing. If the parent/guardian does not supply a note, then each teacher will provide parent/guardian with an Absence Form to be completed and returned to school.
  • Activities organised by the school, which have been authorised by the Principal (e.g. school trips, participation in sporting or cultural events or work experience) are not recorded as absences in the school attendance records. A list of pupils involved in these activities will be left with the Principal.
  • If a child, for any reason, leaves the school grounds without permission, the Principal must be informed. Parents are then informed and if the child is on school minibus transport GardaĆ­ are informed.
  • Some children attend other schools for one or more days each week. This is treated on the same basis as work experience and the child is marked present on our school roll.
  • No pupil will be allowed to leave the school early without contact from parent/guardian or a note in the pupil diary.