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Mobile Phone Policy


The Board of Management of New Court School have agreed that mobile phones are not to be used by students within New Court School.  Mobile phones in school can create a nuisance and disturbance.  Bullying, inappropriate images and video content can cause difficulties and be a matter of serious concern.  As technology advances, this also extends to the use of smart phones, iPods and multimedia players.  It is possible on all of these devices to access the Internet and send messages, as well as listen to music.  Any student who due to their disability has a need for listening to music through earphones can be catered for with school equipment.


  • Students may hand in their phones first thing in the morning to their teacher who will put them in safe keeping.  Alternatively students can turn them off and put away in bags once they are not taken out and accessed during the day. This arrangement will be discussed on a class by class basis and the teacher will explain the agreed procedure in each classroom.  This variation is necessary, as we are dealing with students from the age of 5 to 18 years with a variety of different needs and understanding.
  • If any student is found using a mobile phone, it will be requested that it be handed in.  Depending on circumstances and frequency, the phone will either be returned to the student at the end of the day or returned to the parent/guardian as agreed with staff.
  • If any student urgently needs to contact family/home during the school day, they will be supported in this using the school landline as appropriate.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for theft or damage to phones or similar equipment.  To support students in keeping their valuables safe, we are happy to put the phones in a safe place during the day and return them before the student leaves school.


Agreed by all Staff:  26 February 2007

Ratified by the Board of Management:  21 May 2007

Reviewed and Amended:  February 2013